Quinoa Multigrain Drink

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Quinoa Multigrain Drink

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Quinoa Multigrain Drink

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Eat Chocolate, be Happy


Drink Chocolate, stay Cozy  (especially with the recent afternoon downpours). Indulge with a lower level of guilt with our Quinoa Multigrain Cocoa which contains added nutritional benefits from the 2 superfoods! You may also pair it with our Quinoa Soymilk cracker for a simple, healthy & quick breakfast! ~


Enjoy the benefits of multigrain and quinoa at the convenience anytime anywhere.


Ingredients: Brown rice, Malt extract, Red rice, Black rice, Soy powder, Millet, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Flaxseed, Cocoa powder, Isolated soy protein, Barley, Rye grains, Oat Groat, Oligofructose.


**This product is manufactured on equipment that process products containing dairy, gluten and nuts.


Net Weight: 30g X 10 sachets

Shelf Life: 2 years