Organic Dried Large Jujubes

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Organically grown, these Jujubes goes through a hygienic process where the use of artificial colouring, sulphur dioxide and preservatives are prohibited. It is safe to eat it even right from the bag!

Organic jujubes encourage the healthy development of enzymes and hormones which is important in ensuring a steady flow of blood through the body. Its calming properties are also a good source of natural antioxidants that helps to promote relaxation and maintain liver functioning and healthy cholesterol levels. The effects of jujubes are mild and gentle, making it suitable to consume regularly, especially our night owl friends!

Usage Tips: Dried jujube varieties can be used to substitute dates or apples in recipes. Just peel the fruit and remove the single seed inside. Jujubes can also be pickled whole or used to make tea.



Common Question: Which is more nutritious? Black dates or red dates?

Black dates and red dates have similar functions in food but different effects on health. Black dates helps respiratory health; while the benefits of red dates links largely to our blood and nerve system.




Item Code: 00000177
Ingredients: Organic Dried Large Jujubes
Net Weight: 300g
Shelf Life: 1 year
| Certified organic | No artificial colouring | No artificial flavouring |
| No preservatives | No sulphur dioxide |