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Soy milk mulberry drink

Try a different flavour of beverage, how about Mulberry and Soy milk?

Filled with the rich aroma of soy milk and a subtle tinge of sweetness from mulberry, this beverage comes with a silky-smooth mouthfeel along with bits of mulberry fruits within.


Mulberry is rich in anthocyanins, vitamin C and iron, which have blood replenishing and antioxidant effects. It is also rich in vitamins, glucose and malic acid, which increases the secretion of gastric juice that promote intestinal motility and aids in digestion.

Osmanthus Fragrans Fermented Rice Dumplings

Introducing the Osmanthus Fragrans Fermented Rice Dumplings – a succulent treat that combines the buttery fragrance of Osmanthus and the sweetness of fermented glutinous rice balls! This divine combination will leave you wanting more.

The sweet, fermented rice wine promotes blood circulation, nourishes the face, boosts our immune system, and supplies probiotics to our digestive system while the Osmanthus aids in ridding our bodies of toxins. Regular consumption of Osmanthus will also make you feel energised and refreshed! 

Steamed buns with Tempeh and Kimchi

Eating plain steamed buns seems too simple and mundane? Let us recommend a way to enhance your meal experience with these steamed buns! By pairing the plain steamed buns with crispy fried tempeh and ready-made kimchi, you get to enjoy a pleasant textural contrast. The aroma of tempeh coupled with the tangy, midly sour and spicy notes of Kimchi is bound to whet your appetite and leave you feeling satiated! 

Aged Plum Vinegar Tomato

At times when you are having a bad appetite, try having some mulberry plum vinegar tomato to boost your appetite!

The fruity, acidic notes of tomato and plum vinegar complements each other greatly, while agave honey and mulberry jam adds a pleasant tinge of sweetness, making the overall combination a refreshing and cooling treat during summer!

Curry Tempeh

Staple Foods - Curry Tempeh



The curry that is served with appetizer is simple to cook, and you can eat more meals if you cook more! Try adding tempeh, which is easy to absorb the sauce, to create a different taste!

Miso Dry Noodles

The combination of miso and peanut butter is very often used in Japanese cold dishes. The nutty-rich sauce is perfect for enjoying with sesame leaves. With the addition of half-cut tomatoes, the whole dish is like a salad, fresh and refreshing, with a romantic and exotic flavor.

Pineapple Fried Rice

Add pineapple to the rice and stir-fry together. The sweet and sour taste not only increases the appetite, but the light fruity aroma is refreshing and not greasy. When eaten with cashew nuts, it enriches the layering of the taste.

Sweet Potato Oatmeal Cookies

Add oats to sweet potato puree and raisin to bake biscuits, no oil, no sugar, no eggs, no flour, soft and chewy, healthy and healthy.

Shichuanese Wontons in red oil

Spicy and Sour Shichuan style home cooking