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5 Facts on Plant based meats

Plant-based meats are the trend now and getting popluar day by day. Being and alternative to conventional meat, Plant-based meats minic conventional meat and are very similar in terms of texture, taste, and looks. Coming in different forms such as sasuages, minced, nuggets, patty these Plant-based alternatives are shaking up the meat industry. Here are 5 facts we know about Plant-base Meats. 

Curry Tempeh

Staple Foods - Curry Tempeh



The curry that is served with appetizer is simple to cook, and you can eat more meals if you cook more! Try adding tempeh, which is easy to absorb the sauce, to create a different taste!

Miso Dry Noodles

The combination of miso and peanut butter is very often used in Japanese cold dishes. The nutty-rich sauce is perfect for enjoying with sesame leaves. With the addition of half-cut tomatoes, the whole dish is like a salad, fresh and refreshing, with a romantic and exotic flavor.

Pineapple Fried Rice

Add pineapple to the rice and stir-fry together. The sweet and sour taste not only increases the appetite, but the light fruity aroma is refreshing and not greasy. When eaten with cashew nuts, it enriches the layering of the taste.

Sweet Potato Oatmeal Cookies

Add oats to sweet potato puree and raisin to bake biscuits, no oil, no sugar, no eggs, no flour, soft and chewy, healthy and healthy.