Black Pepper, Mixed herbs & Flax Seed Flavour Crackers (Small Pack)

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No baking powder
No ammonia powder


This baked cracker is naturally fermented with yeast and is a perfect and tasty snack with tea or coffee for your family. You can simply grab some on your way out, or keep one pack in the car or on your desk for easy snacking. Enjoy it throughout the day and enjoy good health.


Ingredients: wheat flour, palm oil, dehydrated cream, sugar, black pepper, white sesame, malt extract, dry yeast, flaxseed, mineral salt, wheat bran, yeast powder, cheese powder, white pepper, pepper, paprika , Basil, Oregon, parsley, kumbu powder, mushroom powder, sodium bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate).


Origin: Taiwan

Net Weight: 252g
Shelf Life: 1 year