The Essence Of Jelly Ear

The Essence of Jelly Ear is made from top grade fresh white back black fungus that are certified organic. Its smooth and viscous texture has made it well known as the Vegetarian Bird’s Nest. Freshly hand-harvested black fungus is sent for production with 40 minutes to preserve the freshness, micro-organisms and nutrients as much as possible for its texture and taste. No additives, preservatives and residues of pesticide are present in the Essence of Jelly Ear throughout its manufacturing process.


Organic Certified Top Grade Fresh Black Fungus (Made in Taiwan), Water, Red Jujube (Made in Taiwan), Longan (Made in Taiwan), Ginger (Made in Taiwan), Organic rock sugar (Made in Brazil) *Also available without rock sugar

Cultivation Process:

Cultivate in an isolated farm without the use of any pesticide or chemicals. To achieve the highest quality, the black fungus were grown in a moist and dense environment most suitable for it.

Extraction Process:

After extraction under high temperature, we select only large fungus flowers with rich levels in Sol and nutrients.

No added Preservatives:

The Essence of Jelly Ear goes through vacuum sterilization under high temperature and pressure. It is then sent for glass packaging without any preservative or chemicals added in the process.