Savoury Hot Plate Beancurd


1) Bean curd
2) Green Pepper
3) Carrot
4) Shitake mushroom
5) Thick Soy Sauce
6) Coconut Oil
7) Sesame Oil
8) Dark Vinegar
9) Raw Sugar
10) Water
11) Gingko Nuts
12) Basil
13) Corn flour


1) Cut the bean curd with thickness of 1.5cm
2) Pan fry the bean curd till it becomes golden in colour
3) Cut green pepper, carrot and shitake mushroom in cubes
4) Lightly fry green pepper, carrot and shitake mushroom with coconut oil
5) Add dark soy sauce, sesame oil, dark vinegar, sugar and water to boil
6) Add the bean curd, gingko nuts and basil into the pan
7) When it’s ready, add the corn flour