Nutritious Pumpkin Soup


1) Pumpkin 500g
2) 1Big Potato
3) Cashew Nuts 50g
4) Ginger 5 pieces (about 10g)
5) Oil – 1 big spoon
6) Hot water 700g
7) Salt to taste
8) Sugar 60-70g
9) Wholemeal bread 1 slice
10) Some pumpkin seeds


1) Heat ginger with oil in a pan.
2) Add pumpkin, potato, cashew nuts and water to cook.
3) Once cooked, squash all ingredients into thick soup.
4) Add sugar, and put all ingredients into a blender to blend.
5) Slice the wholemeal bread and cut them into small croutons.
6) Toast the croutons or fry them in a large pan with coconut oil
7) Add the pumpkin seeds into the pan
8) Serve the soup with the croutons and the pumpkin seeds