Our Story

A wise nobleman who highlighted that the excessive use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers will result in the deterioration of human health in the long run. It will increase the acidity of the soil and also threaten the health of our next generations.


His compassion to reduce suffering in the future led a group of followers to embark on a journey towards organic farming, followed by organic products.

The motivation behind Yes Natural is to build three core values between the producers and the consumers, namely integrity, cooperation and gratitude.


These are manifested through the caring concern towards the health of our consumers and mother earth, protecting the natural ecosystem of mankind. In the process, cultivating such an attitude also improves the spirituality of the employees.


In the current society, you can sell 500 kg of fakes in a day, but you can’t even sell 50kg of real stuff in 10 days. At Yes Natural, we never compromise our integrity by trading clear labels for profits.


No man is an island, and even in business, we insist on a win-win situation for everybody. This is the most important value for future sustenance and improvement.


Everything on Earth is derived from the interdependence of one another — the food, houses and cars we have are all thanks to the hard work of others. We should not take all these for granted.

Our Vision

Enjoy nutrition the natural way – we provide natural food and products in harmony with our eco-system to consumers.

Our Mission

Live life to the fullest.
Restore vitality to Earth
Benefit Future Descendents
Promote wellbeing of body, mind and spirit
Establish sincerity and trust within the society

Our Milestones

  • 2004 – Began its roots as Liren in Singapore, focuses only in distribution
  • 2006 – First retail shop was born in Geylang Lor 29
  • 2007 – Yes Natural Bakery & Yes Natural Restaurant were established
  • 2008 – Yes Natural Trading was established, expanding to overseas; 2nd retail outlet in Tiong Bahru opened
  • 2010 – 1st retail outlet moved to Geylang Lor 27 alongside Yes Natural Bakery & Yes Natural Restaurant
  • 2011 – 3rd retail outlet in Clementi opened

What We Do

We reach out to more customers by providing them with greater convenience at 3 outlets. Besides retail, we have a bakery shop and a restaurant that serve customers healthy bread and meals. The products we carry include organic and natural fresh produce, food and beverages, eco-friendly necessities and household products. We also conduct cooking classes and health talks from time to time to promote healthy lifestyle.

Our belief in providing the best of everything for our customers drives our stringent selection process for the products we carry and ingredients used in our bakery.



1995年,有一位圣者,因为悲悯心,指出过度农药、化肥泛滥使用,已经使人类的健康亮起红灯、土地酸化、甚至危及后代子孙的安危,为了免於这种痛苦的结果, 他引导一群同心同愿者回归自然,开始种植有机蔬果來护生养地。

悦意的出发点,是希望透过和生产者与消费者在“诚信,互助,感恩”的互动中,落实关心健康、关爱大地、关怀生命的慈心理念。在慈心的熏陶下,员工们尽心尽力的付出不仅让自己的心灵提升, 也利益到他人。










我们要实践高远的理念,必借众人群策群力,这群人包括了生产者、销售者与消费者。三者之间 ,「有我一定有你,有你一定有我」,彼此以诚信、互助、感恩的精神,蓄积最大的能量,走一条不一样的路。我们期许每个人透由实践有机生活,共同关心健康、 关爱大地、关怀生命,建立诚信和乐的社会。


促进身心健康 造就圆满人生
回复大地元气 饶益世代子孙
推广慈心事业 建立诚信社会


为了达到顾客的需求和提供顾客的方便,悦意目前有三间商店,一间烘培坊以及一间素食馆。我们所销售的产品包括有机和天然蔬菜水果,干粮,日常用品, 保健品等等。为了守护顾客的健康,我们烘培的面包,烹调的菜肴是採用最真实,天然或有机的食材原料。同时为了推广健康理念,我们也会主办健康讲座及烹饪课 程。