Organic Vegetable-Fruit Enzyme Concentrate


The Organic Vegetable-Fruit Enzyme is rich in phyto-nutrient compounds which are necessary to maintain our immune system and protect our health. The smoother absorption of nutrients by our bodies also helps us to prevent diseases and illnesses.

Recommended daily serving: Due to diversified bodily reactions, we recommend those who are getting started, to begin with a small consumption of 10cc a day before increasing to 30-60cc. On general basis, drink 2-3 times daily. DO NOT drink with coffee, tea, juice or medicine. 
Consult your doctor before consuming if you have prevailing health conditions. For example, high blood pressure, pregnancy or heart and kidney diseases.

Usage Tips: Pour into a small cup (as provided) and mix with 5 to 10 times amount of cold water (below 40°C) in a ceramic/glass cup according to your liking. Add in brown sugar or honey to taste according to your preference.

Ingredients: Organic Seasonal Vegetable Extract (Taiwan), Organic Carrot (Taiwan), Organic Citrus (Taiwan), Organic Grapefruit (Taiwan) and Probiotic Bacteria (yeast, acetic acid bacteria and lactic acid bacteria)

Net Volume: 750ml
| Certified organic | No artificial colouring |
No artificial flavouring|
| No preservatives | No added sweeteners |