Organic Dried Black Fungus


Grown in serenity at the foot of Alishan, the black fungus absorbs only the cleanest air and water. The environment within the Yen Ten Farm is stringently monitored to create the ideal forestry environment and to block out farm insects without the use of any pesticides. At Yen Ten, only the first growth of black fungus is harvested and sold. This ensures you that the black fungus you get has maximum nutrients and freshness!
The Black Fungus has lots of medicinal benefits which can be attributed to its rich nutrients contents such as vitamins, protein, iron and polysaccharides. It is also an excellent source of dietary fibre which aids digestion and fat and waste excretion. Black fungus can also soothe and reduce blood clots and vessels to prevent clogging, while its collagen properties are beneficial for bone joint agility.

Usage Tips: Soak it for at least 12hours (24hours at best) for the best texture! Use chilli and ginger slices and fry lightly with good quality sesame sauce and soy paste (link to Yuan Ho Premium Soy Paste) for a delicious side dish!

Ingredients: Black Fungus

| Low calories | No additives |
No preservatives | No pesticides |
Contains polysaccharide |