Longan Honey


Naturally sweet and smooth, the 100% pure longan honey mild aroma makes it perfect not only as a beverage but also toppings to your desserts and fruits. Some dip their crispy snacks and pancakes in too!

Drinking honey can rapidly replenish carbohydrates and vitamins. At the same time, honey is able to help reduce fatigue and improve metabolism. Containing NO OTHER traces of contents besides longan honey, this is definitely a nutritious drink that everyone can regularly enjoy!

Usage Tips: do not use metal spoons as it may destroy enzymes present within the honey. Use room temperature or warm water to dissolve the honey. Keep in cool places, do not refrigerate!

Ingredients: Longan Honey

Net Volume: 700ml

| 100% pure | No artificial colouring | No artificial sweeteners |
| No preservatives | No artificial additives |