Double Great Organic Essence of Cloud Ear Fungus Jelly (Low Sugar)


The Cloud Ear Fungus Jelly was analogically termed as the Vegetarian Bird’s Nest. Using only the first-grown fungus for extraction, it has the richest nutritional content. The end product is stored in sterilized vacuum bottles to keep it hygienic and convenient for each consumption.

It is extremely popular among individuals who experience high blood pressure and digestive/intestinal problems due to its cleansing and lubricating effects. Also, the black fungus has moistening and nourishing effects on our blood, kidneys, liver and lungs.

One should avoid consuming black fungus at least 1 week before and after surgery or tooth extraction, especially if you have any large bleeding wounds or severe haemorrhage, resume only after bleeding has ceased.

Ingredients (low sugar): Organic Black Fungus (Taiwan), Longan (Taiwan), Red Jujubes (Taiwan), Ginger (Taiwan)

Net Volume: 6 x 150ml

| Certified organic | Low calories | No additives |
No preservatives |
| No artificial colouring | No artificial sweeteners |