Benefits of FlaxSeeds



Benefits of FlaxSeeds

Flaxseed has already been grown by the ancient Egyptians since thousands years ago. Even now, it is used throughout the world for food, medicine, as fiber to make clothes, fishnets and even other products. Flax is available in three forms: whole seeds, ground (broken/milled) and flaxseed oil. And should not be exposed to sunlight/strong light and heat during storage.


One highlight of flaxseed is that it is a rich source of both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which cannot be synthesised by our human body where the omega-3 content in flaxseed oil contains double of the omega-3 oil found in fish oil and cost less than it.

亚麻籽其中一个亮点是它包含双Omega-3和Omega-6系列脂肪酸; 这是人体所需要却无法自行合成的脂肪酸。而亚麻籽油中含有的Omega-3成分比普通油鱼高出两倍又较经济。

Other nutrition highlights of flaxseeds include:

  • A rich source of dietary fibre that can help to lower cholesterol, improve cardiovascular health.
  • Shown to reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis.
  • Good source of multiple Vitamins, Minerals and Protein.
  • Reduce cholesterol and lower triglyceride levels better than canola oil or olive oil.
  • Reduce high blood pressure.
  • Reduce cancer risk.
  • Contains phytoestrogens which is natural estrogen-like substances that can lessen the discomfort of menopause.
  • Better regulation of blood sugar levels.
  • Alleviation of dry skin conditions and eczema.
  • Naturally laxative.


  • 含丰富的膳食纤维来源,可以帮助降低胆固醇,有助于改善心血管健康。
  • 有助降低动脉粥样硬化的风险。
  • 是多维生素,矿物质和蛋白质的良好来源。
  • 优于芥花油或橄榄油降低胆固醇和甘油三酯水平。
  • 有助降低高血压。
  • 有助降低患癌症的风险。
  • 含天然植物雌激素减轻更年期的不适。
  • 有助调节血糖水平。
  • 缓解皮肤干燥和湿疹。
  • 改善便秘,增强肠蠕动。

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